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Margaret's Museum


Directed by Mort Ransen

Written by Gerald Wexler, Mort Ransen

Genre :  Dramatic 

Length :  114 minutes

Language:  Français


Set in the late 1940s, MARGARET'S MUSEUM is set in Glace Bay, a small mining community on Cape Breton Island. Perched on the eastern tip of North America, Cape Breton is home to generations of Scottish, Irish and French immigrants who made a living from fishing, farming and mining the coal seams that extend under the surrounding sea.


This is the story of Margaret McNeil (HELENA BONHAM CARTER). Having lost her father and older brother in a mining accident, Margaret's life revolves around preventing her younger brother from working in the mines and caring for her grandfather, who has black lung. Neil Currie (CLIVE RUSSEL) enters Margaret's world, bringing romance and hope to escape the poverty and hardship she has always endured.


MARGARET'S MUSEUM is a chronicle of Margaret's struggle for a better life, in the face of the overwhelming realities of a community whose existence depends entirely on the coal mine. Inspired by the writings of renowned Cape Breton author Sheldon Currie, MARGARET'S MUSEUM is directed by Mort Ransen.

Cast :


Helena Bonham Carter

Kate Nelligan

Clive Russell

Craig Olejnik

Andrea Morris

Peter Boretsky

Kenneth Welsh

Awards :

Vancouver International Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada, 1995)

Fedex Award for Most Popular Canadian Film


Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, Canada, 1995)

Audience award


San Sebastian Film Festival (San Sebastian, Spain, 1995)


1995 Concha de Oro (golden shell)


Price ​​Engineering 1995 (Toronto, Canada)


Helena Bonham Carter, winner of: Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Kenneth Welsh, winner of: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role 

Kate Nelligan, winner of: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Nicoletta Massone, winner of: Best Achievement in Costume Design

Milan Kymlicka, Winner of: Best Musical Achievement/Original Score

Mort Ransen, Gerry Wexler, winner of: Best Achievement in Screenwriting

Best Picture Nomination Claudio Luca, Mort Ransen, Steve Clark-Hall, Chris Zimmer, Producers 

Nomination Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Clive Russel

Nomination Best Direction in the direction of Mort Ransen

Nomination Best Achievement in Cinematography Vic Sarin

Nomination Best Achievement in Art Direction/Production Design David McHenry, William Fleming

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