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Production services


For all your production needs

Cine Tele Action is an award-winning Montreal film and television company that has been producing motion pictures, TV movies, mini series, sitcoms and documentaries since 1987 for tweens, teens, families and adults.


Some of our productions include The Boys of St Vincent, Margaret’s Museum, Radio Active (and its French counterpart Radio Enfer), Fries With That?, The Last Chapter, René Lévesque, Big Bear, Une Histoire Inventeé, Kayla, Les Orphelins de Duplessis and more. Cine Tele Action has always produced high-quality and timely content which challenges audiences as much as it entertains.

Offered services


Cine Tele Action can help with the production of your feature films, TV series and documentaries by offering you a range of services, such as:


General services:


  • Preparing budgets and production schedules

  • Estimating and advising on available tax incentives

  • Customizing location scouting packages


Turnkey services:


  • Supervising the incorporation of your production company

  • Negotiating bank financing and completion guarantees

  • Hiring staff and above-the-line talent

  • Confirming Errors and Omissions insurance

  • Securing location and product placement agreements

  • Advising on tax credits and non-resident tax issues

  • Preparing bank funding agreements and accounts

  • Setting up all corporate tax accounts, including GST

  • Filing corporate tax returns, film agency applications, etc


Production services:


  • Engaging studio and laboratory facilities and services

  • Hiring staff and securing equipment and supplies

  • Negotiating Canadian guild and union agreements

  • Managing grievances and arbitrations

  • Consulting with producers and production managers on labor issues

  • Advising on all production-related concerns


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