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Fries with that? 


Directed by Carl Goldstein, Giles Walker, Adam Weissman, Sean Dwyer

Written by Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, Paul Paré, Shane Simmons, Heidi Foss, Scott Falconbridge, Jackie May

Genre :  Comedy

Lenght  52 episodes of 30 minutes each

Language:  English and translated into French



Bulky’s is a fictional fast-food chain that almost exclusively hires high school students who are far more interested in friends, dating, their image, school, trendy people, fashion, sports, makeup and cars than flipping burgers. Except for Ben, the assistant manager, who takes his job seriously — too seriously. Ben even expects his colleagues to actually serve customers! But for the young Bulky’s staff, life is too short to keep greeting patrons with fake smiles and ‘will there be fries with that?’

Cast :

Anne Marie Baron

Joan Bowses

Stefanie Buxton

Giancarlo Caltabiano

Morgan Kelly


Awards :

 Gemini Prize 2005 (Toronto, Canada)  1 nomination: Best youth fiction program or series

37th WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston USA 

Silver Remi Award in the category Best series for family and children

52nd Columbus International Film Festival USA 

Certificate of recognition and participation

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