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Sable Island


Directed by Johanne Prégent

Written by Gilles Desjardins and Johanne Prégent

Genre :  Dramatic 

Length : 108 mins

Language:  French and English with subtitles


Sable Island tells the story of a young girl, Manou, who finds herself pregnant at 16 in the midst of a turmoil caused by the death of her mother. But her life is completely turned upside down when Manou discovers that her sister is, in fact, her real mother.

Cast :

Caroline Dhavernas

Sebastien Huberdeau

Anick Lemay,

Genevieve Desilets

Francois Papineau

Marie Tifo

 Raymond Cloutier

Awards :

Awards: Jutra Awards, 2000  - Best Actor

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