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Radio Active


Directed by Ross Francoeur

Written by Terence Bowman, Bernard Deniger, Paul Paré, Jennifer Seguin

Genre :  Comedy

Length :  78 episodes of 30 minute each

Language:  English


Radio Active offers a hilarious glimpse into the lives of a group of high school students who join their school's innovative Radio Active communications program and begin producing regular radio programs for the school. Tossed together without regard to their compatibility, the TV series revolves around the misadventures and adventures of this eclectic team of students as they struggle with their dinosaur of a class teacher, their distracted vice principal and, of course, with each other in their efforts to earn the passing grade from this elusive team.


In Radio Active, the themes, approach and witty humor are all meant to entertain and appeal to the particular tastes of teenagers in their college years. It draws on events they know - school and friends, personal and social pressures - turning them into purpose-built comic adventures

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