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Directed by Pierre Houle

Written by Jacques Savoie and Geneviève Lefebvre

Genre :  Dramatic

Length :  2 episodes of 90 minutes each

Language:  French and  in English


Against all expectations, René Lévesque, leader of the Parti Québécois, is elected premier on November 15, 1976. His new government undertakes major reforms before proposing its boldest plan: the separation of Quebec. The plan will fail in the May 1980 referendum, but Lévesque will continue to defend Quebec’s interests in the face of all opposition. And above all, at the cost of his health. First and foremost a democrat, Lévesque did not achieve his great dream, but his contribution to Quebec’s modernization makes him a leading light of his time. 

Cast :

Emmanuel Bilodeau  

Lucie Laurier 

Germain Houde 

Guy Nadon 

Simon Fortin  

Jacques Lussier  

Sébastien Delorme 

Benoît Gouin 

Dominique Pétin 

Pierre Gendron 

François Létourneau 

Sébastien Dhavernas 

Paul Doucet  

Anick Lemay 

Frank Schorpion 

Michel-André Cardin  

François Chénier 

Guy Richer 

Richard Thériault 

Michel Charrette

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