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The Boys of St. Vincent


Directed by John N. Smith

Written by Des Walsh, John Smith, Sam Grana

Genre :  Dramatic

Lenght:  2 episodes of 90 minutes each

Language:  English


Our story takes us inside the gray granite facade of the St. Vincent Boys' Orphanage where we share the heartache and pain of the sexual and physical abuse inflicted on these young prisoners of the system. The orphanage, run by the Order of All Saints Brothers and sponsored by the government, is steeped in centuries of Christian reverence. It is only because of the indifference of a religiously and politically powerful janitor and policeman that we have a sense of hope. However, once an investigation is launched and boys testify against three brothers from the orphanage, we see just how swift and powerful the system can be in its manipulative measures to protect itself. At the highest levels of church and state, events are unfolding that worry the most hardened. Within weeks, even with the confessions of two of the offenders, the investigation was closed and the culprits expelled from the province. We leave the boys we have come to know, their eyes telling us that their horror continues...


Fifteen years later, the 1975 police investigation is reopened and a public inquiry into sexual and physical abuse in St. Vincent is underway. Peter Delaney, now married with his family and living in Edmonton, Brother Hawkins and Conway who live in other parts of the country, are arrested and all three brought back to Newfoundland for trial. A call is launched and former residents of the orphanage come back to testify. Brian Power, a father himself, tells his story to the nation at the inquest where we see police, justice and church officials denying any knowledge of the cover-up.

Cast :

Henry Czerny,

Johnny Morina

Brian Dooley

Brian Dodd,

Lisa Roy,

Sebastian Spence

David Hewlett


Awards :

Price ​​George Foster Peabody 1995 (New York, USA, May 1995)

National Board of Review Broadcasting Award Winner


Films in Review (New York, USA, 1995)

Best TV Miniseries


FIPA - International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (Cannes, January 1993)

Category "Golden FIPA" Series and Serials

Best Actor: Henry Czerny


Umbriafiction TV Festival (Umbria, Italy, April 1993)

Best Non-European Miniseries

Best Direction: John N. Smith

Best Screenplay: Des Walsh, John N. Smith, Sam Grana

Best Actor: Henry Czerny


Banff Television Festival (Banff, Canada, April 1993)

Best of the Festival Grand Prize

Best International Miniseries


Fernsehfest (The Cologne Conference) (Cologne, Germany, June 1993)

Chosen as: one of the top ten in quality international television 1993 International Public Television Screening Conference (INPUT 93, Bristol, UK, May–June 1993)

Chosen to be screened during the conference.


Telluride Film Festival (Colorado, USA, September 1993)

Chosen to be screened during the festival.


The Blois Quebec Film Festival (Blois, France, October 1993)

In official competition for the Salamander d'Or (prize awarded by the public for the feature film of fiction)


Columbus International Film and Video Festival (Columbus, Ohio, USA, October 1993)

CHRIS AWARD (in the Art and Culture category) for original fiction or dramatization of non-fiction.


The New York Festivals (New York, USA, January 1994) 

Gold medal; TV Movies/Special Drama

Gold medal; Best Direction for John N. Smith

Bronze medal; Best Writing for Des Walsh, John N. Smith, Sam Grana

Bronze medal; Best Performance for Henry Czerny Prize ​​Gemini 1994 (Toronto, Canada, March)

Claudio Luca and Sam Grana, Producers, Winners of: Best Drama Miniseries 

John N. Smith, winner of: Best Directing in a Drama or Miniseries

Des Walsh, John N. Smith, Sam Grana, winners of: Best Playwriting Program or Miniseries

Werner Nold, André Corriveau, winners of: Best Image Editing in a Program or Series

Marcel Pothier, Serge Beauchemin, Hans Peter Strobl, Jérôme Décarie, Antoine Morin, Winners of: Best Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series

Henry Czerny, winner of: Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Miniseries Program 

Lise Roy, winner of: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Nomination Best Costume Design Denis Sperdouklis

Nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Brian Dooley

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