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René Lévesque 


Directed by Giles Walker

Written by Jacques Savoie

Genre :  Dramatic

Length :  6 episodes of 45 minutes each

Language:  French and  in English


René Lévesque is arguably the most influential politician in the history of 20th century Canadian politics. This mini series shows the gradual evolution of his belief in the sovereignty of the province of Quebec and his unwavering commitment to protect minority rights. A passionate man, Lévesque’s personal life was full of complications and contradictions; this fierce advocate of social justice was also an absent father and husband. His legacy includes the nationalization of electricity, social reform, and the founding of the Parti Quebecois.

Cast :

Emmanuel Bilodeau,

Pascale Bussières,

Dan Bigras,

Gilles Renaud

Lucie Laurier


Awards :

2006 New York Festivals

Finalist, Best Screenplay (VOA)

2006 FIPA – International program festival

Audiovisual, Fipatel: viewing out of competition (VOF)

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