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About us


Production:  Cine Tele Action is a film and television production company based in Montreal since 1987. We have produced theatrical and TV movies, dramatic mini series, documentaries, and sitcoms for all ages. Some titles include: The Boys of St Vincent, Margaret’s Museum, Radio Active (and its French counterpart Radio Enfer), Fries With That?, The Last Chapter, René Lévesque, Big Bear, Une Histoire Inventée, Kayla, Les Orphelins de Duplessis, Rouge Sang, Indian Summer: The OKA Crisis, Le Sphinx, L’Ile de Sable, Il Duce Canadese and more.

Distribution :  Cine Tele Action International specializes in the export of quality Canadian films and television shows. Our varied catalog includes dramatic mini series, feature-length fictions, sitcoms for young people and adults, and documentaries.

Cine Télé Action is one of the few production companies in North America which produces content in both English and French. We have a practical and natural understanding of cultural differences which makes us a highly competitive entertainment firm. We know how to serve the international market by producing stories which also speak directly to our own Quebec and Canadian audiences.

Film Lighting Techniques
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