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An Invented Story

feature film

OV French


Gender: Dramatic

Number of episodes : Feature film

Version(s):  French


An Invented Story is a Quebec tragicomedy produced in 1990 by André Forcier. This is his ninth career achievement. Like all of Forcier's films, the poetic and the absurd come together in Une histoire invented, a zany sentimental actor between a woman named Desruisseaux, who despite her forty lovers, only wants one: Gaston the trumpeter. But he only has eyes for his daughter Soledad, a young actress abandoned by her suitor. The pleasantly rickety little world of cabarets serves as a backdrop to the Shakespearean drama that unfolds and undermines the traditional love triangle... and gives way to a conclusion in the form of a joyous buffoonade, as only Forcier is capable of concocting. Premiered at the World Film Festival, An Invented Story won the audience award as well as the award for best Canadian film. A few days before his presentation, André Forcier told Luc Perreault: “To be honest, the choice of Othello came late. Jealousy existed in the story but the play came through the tape because of Soledad (Florence's daughter) and Tony (the director). Of course, we looked for a play that could go well with the script, but if we chose Shakespeare, it was mainly so as not to have to pay royalties…” The theme, as in his film previous, remains the quest for love. “It was very strong in Kalamazoo, notes Forcier. This time it's less. In Kalamazoo, Cotnoir only said essential phrases. It was a film about. “Is he satisfied with his film? "Average," he said thoughtfully. Then he pulls himself together: “I am happy with this film. I'm almost relaxed. We like the rhythm. » 

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Jean Lapointe (Gaston), Louise Marleau (Florence), Charlotte Laurier (Soledad), Marc Messier (Lentaigne), Jean-François Pichette (Tibo), France Castel (Alys), Tony Mardi (Toni), Marc Gélinas (Gros Pierre) , Louis de Santis (Alfredo), Warren Williams (Slim), Léo Munger (Nicole), Angelo Cadet (Théodule), Louise Gagnon (Arlette), Denis Bouchard (piano tuner). With the special participation of Donald Pilon (Rolland)

Price :

Cannes Film Festival 1991

Selected for the Directors' Fortnight

Genie Award 1991 Three nominations

991 Sydney Film Festival

Selected for viewing

1990 Sudbury Cinefest

Award for Best Canadian Film

1990 Montreal World Film Festival

Best Canadian Film Award

Most Popular Film Award

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