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The last chapter


Directed by Richard Roy

Written by Luc Dionne

Genre:  Dramatic

Length:  6 episodes of 45 minute each

Language:  English and  French


Outlaw biker Bob Durelle (Michael Ironside) is at the height of his power. A series of events threaten to overwhelm him: the international president of the Sixers is assassinated in front of him, his colleague Roots (Dan Bigras) conspires against him, his old friend Ross (Roy Dupuis) sets up a rival motorcycle club, his wife Karen (Marina Orsini) reports him to the police.


Michael Ironside

Roy Dupuis

Michel Forget

Frank Schorpion

Dan Bigras

Marina Orsini

Maxim Roy



Gemini 2002:   
-  Céline Bonnier, Winner:
  Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role:
  drama series

-  9 nominations:
  Best Drama Series
  Claudio Luca, Producer

-   Best drama series text
  Luc Dionne

-  Best sets: All categories
  Raymond Dupuis
-   Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
  series or  drama show
  Michel Forget

-   Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
  series or  drama show
  Frank Schorpion

-  Best Editing: Drama, Documentary
  Claude Palardy

-   Best Cinematography: Dramatic
  Marc Charlebois

-  Best Music for Drama Program or Series
  Michel Cusson

-   Best Director: Drama Program or Series
  Richard Roy

18th edition  Metrostar Gala (Montreal, Canada, March 2003)
-  1 nomination:
  Male role in a Quebec television series
  Roy Dupuis

8th International Film and Television Festival Cinéma Tout Ecran:
TV series in perspective (Geneva, Switzerland, October 2002).

The mini-series was invited to the symposium to represent the productions broadcast by Société Radio Canada, which was the guest of honor at the festival.

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